The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

Promotion 2013  
Serendipity - TRAILER

Produced by : Lucas DEVOS | Marie RONNAUX | Benbadis SLIMANI | Frédéric BRICOUT | Hugo NGUYEN DUC.

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Download the game !

Well, how to play ?

Take your mouse, and click everywhere because... why not?


Have you noticed that your cursor is a wonderful & glowing energy link? Yes, that’s cool. Besides its coolness, it means that you are the entity that will highlight the living piece of art you’re wandering in.Your job is to find a way to the next painting, using the objects around you. However, those objects are like art itself : unpredictable. Get closer and seize them while you can, it’s like oportunities in life.

Accept the unexpected and dive into this abstract world...


Don’t be too slow or you will go back to the previous checkpoint, but take your time to look around you : these little floating orbs might unlock new paintings or hidden ways...

who knows?


Press alt + F4 to go back to the launcher